Edible Terrariums

Tiny terrariums are amazing for they hold the ability to enclose a little micro world of their own. If you’re looking for a party favor or keepsake to give away, then tiny terrariums would be the perfect choice! They are simple, take up little space, easy to maintain, can be placed in many settings and last a long time. But what happens when you mix two concepts – terrariums and food – and fuse them into something unique? Well, you would get… edible terrariums! Yup, terrariums aren’t only for decor, this special kind is made to be consumed! For those who are paranoid or feeling a little grossed out – don’t stop, keep reading!

If you can’t tell yet (based on previous posts: edible glassware, golden food dyes, edible balloons, edible light fixture), I’m a little obsessed with food, especially experimental types of food. So, when I came across the recipe for making these delightful terrariums made of chocolate and herbs, I knew I had to share and add it to the ongoing collection of food posts on SocialBox.

If you want to incorporate this fun treat into your party or event menu, then ask your chef to try this simple recipe out. Oh, and have a little fun with guests and tell them it’s soil that you’ve retrieved from your own backyard. ;) Check out The Gook for the full recipe, materials and directions.

*Fun fact: dirt is actually edible! Recently, a French restaurant offered a full course meal made of high quality dirt from Japan for the price of $110!

-1 flourless chocolate cake
-edible micro herbs or flowers
-rainbow chop chips (use brown only)

Stay tuned for more posts relating to food trends (including Atlanta restaurants/catering recommended for your events)!

Source: The Gook, Food Beast